I help under-resourced schools integrate operational, EdTech and personalized learning best practices to drive educational equity.

EdTech Integration Audit

The EdTech Integration Audit is perfect for schools that have limited to moderate experience with utilizing EdTech programs at a schoolwide level. For example, if you have several rockstar teachers using technology in their classroom, but few schoolwide systems and structures in place for EdTech, the EdTech Integration Assessment could have a strong value add!

The integration audit includes:

  • Gathering your library of EdTech tools currently in use
  • Identifying use targets for each program, and current use
  • Assessing current data interoperability possibilities between programs, and current utilization
  • Surveying teachers/stakeholders re. current knowledge, mindset, and skills re EdTech/PL/BL
  • Weekly meetings or email update (based on our needs!) for the length of the assessment
  • Running a holistic EdTech integration assessment, providing a score between 0-100 and recommended next steps (which I can also help with!)

Custom System Creation

Have a problem you need solving that involves ops, teacher training, EdTech and/or personalized learning? I can help!

Previous clients have had me build workflows that assign students to interventions based on their academic performance, create a personalized Saturday School experience, and develop a communication structure to communicate weekly feedback to students and families – just to name a few!

Come at me with a challenge you’re facing and I’ll provide a free consultation that walks through potential solutions I can offer!

Training Creation, Execution, and Maintenance

I excel at providing just-right training that meets educators where they’re at. I’ve led sessions on topics ranging from culturally relevant teaching to adaptive reading instructional technologies, to audiences as small as 1:1 to more than 150 attendees.

I use the term training in its most expansive sense – from in-person workshops and facilitated work time to webinars, live online coaching, and an online training warehouse. I’ve done them all – and would love to partner with you to create an efficient and sustainable training continuum for your staff!

Training and Ad Hoc Consultng

I offer a course catalog of one-off trainings for teachers and admin, linked here.

I also offer ad hoc consulting, on an hourly basis. In short, bring your problems to me and we’ll meet live to solve them! You can book a time here.

“Super engaging, fun and welcoming. A great environment to discuss what can sometimes we a challenging topic. I felt safe in the space and loved everyone’s willingness to share out, and Blair’s welcoming personality made it so everyone felt comfortable discussing. Great points to think about and discuss. Great ideas!” -Feedback from ISTE session: Integrating Culturally Relevant Teaching with EdTech

 Previous Consulting Work: