Academic Intervention Identification & Support Tool

Academic Intervention Identification & Support Tool

Client: Western School of Science and Technology

Date: Fall, 2018

Role: Tool designer

Goal: To accurately and efficiently identify students in need of academic support, then identify what service(s) they were currently receiving, and any additional service they might need.

Constraints & path forward:

Academic interventions were housed under multiple school departments and individuals – such as a reading interventionist, SpEd team, and AVID teachers.

Before building the tool, I consulted with school leadership to learn of school needs, state law, and other constraints. Then, I built a tool and created an accompanying screencast and directions document.

Steps in the process:

  1. Meet with stakeholders and identify needs & constraints
  2. Identify what data is available, and what form it comes in
  3. Build a reusable tool that simply needs refreshed data each semester to tell stakeholders which students need support, and what support they’re currently receiving.
  4. Create clear documentation so the tool can be used by any relevant stakeholder.

Indicators of success:

The average amount of time to identify students for intervention was cut in half from previous years.

Furthermore, there was great transparency for why each student was or was not receiving an academic intervention.