Microcredential Hub

Client: Western School of Science and Technology

Date: Fall, 2018

Role: Instructional Designer

Link: bit.ly/MicroCredentialHub

Goal: To provide teachers with on-demand training and development so they can integrate EdTech, blended learning and, personalized learning best practices into their classrooms.

Constraints & path forward:

The initial budget was $0, so I had to find ways to incentivize and promote the tool to teachers without spending money.

I found several tools, such as a Google Sheets add-on that allowed me to generate PDF certificates, that made rewarding and celebrating teachers efficient and free.

Steps in the process:

  1. Identify the tools to use to create the platform, given the budget of $0.
  2. Select the highest-leverage trainings to build.
  3. Identify the leverage points to encourage teacher use.
  4. Build out systems and processes to ensure the hub is staying up-to-date, and that certificates are routinely processed.
  5. Create clear documentation so the tool can be used by any relevant stakeholder.

Indicators of success:

To date, the bit.ly for the hub has more than 2,800 clicks. In addition, more than 100 trainings have been completed.

Teachers use of tools to fidelity has routinely increased year-over-year.