Remote Learning Model

Remote Learning Model

Client: Western School of Science and Technology

Date: Spring, 2020

Role: Project manager

Goal: Create an accessible, engaging, and scalable model for Remote Learning during COVID19.

Constraints & path forward:

There was no current system in place for remote learning. We also only had two weeks to create the plan.

Finally, we had teachers in a variety of mindsets and skill levels around EdTech and online learning.

Steps in the process:

  1. Identify the vision, big goals, and key performance indicators
  2. Create a model that’s easy to implement
  3. Develop training and support resources for staff and admin
  4. Lead ongoing training for staff and admin
  5. Take stock of results and modify as needed
  6. Reflect on the process at the end of the school year

Indicators of success:

Throughout remote learning, which was technically optional, more than 92% of students engaged in coursework. Approximately 60% completed all work assigned to them. This is dramatically higher than local and national average.


NOTE: The actual model isn’t shared here as it is propriety to the school.

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